Below you’ll find our selection of accessories that make a great add-on for many of our umbrella holders & misters we have. From cup holders to beach umbrellas and cooling towels you can find it all here.

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Brass Mist Nozzles
Brass/Stainless Mist Nozzles have a 10/24 thread with a .012 (twelve thousandths) orifice. It ..
Mist Nozzle Plugs
Mister Coolz Brass Nozzle plugs prevent debris and insects from entering the mist line and clog..
Portable Cup Holder
View Our Video Below To Learn More About Our Portable Cup Holder   The Mister Coolz C..
Kool 4-U Towels in  purple, blue, cyan (light blue), camouflage, and pink
The Mister Coolz Kool-4-U Towels keeps you cool during any demanding activity or can be used anytime..
beach umbrellas
5' Beach Umbrella 41" long x 4-1/2" wide x 4" tall Comes in two colors only: Blue & W..
golf umbrella
All year around golf Umbrella manual open wood handle lifetime warranty Note: Color may Var..
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